Hello and Welcome to Lens & Keystrokes,

My name is Tara Becker, I am a creative, who is saved by grace through faith in Jesus to engage and encourage by lens and keystrokes.

More specifically, a photographer with an engaging visual eye, who is always learning to better capture nature, food, people, and animals. And a writer who inspires to tell stories. You can check out my writings by clicking on the Keystrokes link in the menu above.

7 things you should know about me:
| Humorist | I love to laugh and would rather see people laugh rather than cry.

| Writer | Just like those who have the gift to gab, so I have the gift to write. Consider it my way of gabbing.

| Food Lover | Food is a serious business. Connections are made around it and it feeds the soul. I am adventurous in the food field. I like my sure things, but honestly would rather step outside the box to challenge my palate. I often can be seen photographing food near the closest window; natural light works wonders my friends.

| Dog Whisperer | My friends gave me this title. I guess it’s the way I pay attention to dogs and talk with them. I am attentive to their needs.

| Not a fan of selfies| Honestly, who likes photos of themselves? I’d rather be focused on anything or anyone else other than myself, that’s why I’m behind the camera rather than in front of it.

| Perfectionist | My work is gone through with a fine tooth comb before published or handed over to you, the client. Even if the comb maybe missing a few teeth, I do my best to make your product perfect.

| Humble | I am very thankful to God for the natural ability to find the right composition, the eye to edit, the clarity and wordsmith to write, and energy to love on others.

What do you need?

  • food photographer?
  • photo editor?
  • visual marketing solutions
  • candid family photo(s)?
  • proofreader
  • content writer

I’m your gal. Contact me at lensandkesytrokes@gmail.com

Thanks for stopping by,